Relationships that Help and Hinder You

Relationships that Help and Hinder You

What hinders you in a relationship is often overlooked that is the common denominator which is you.  What helps you in a relationship is often overlooked that is the common denominator which is you.

Decisions within self
Most people are looking for answers and some have answers.  But most people do not realize they are not asking the right questions to get the answers that they need to hear.  Some times they get the answers that they wanted to hear.  The decision within self is referring to your heart and mind.  

Decision made
Most people will make a decision to ask the right questions.  Questions about their life, lifestyle, and who they want to be.  Decisions are made by having options you can use the power of choice. 

GOD gave you the power of choice that started with Adam and Eve.  We have had freedom of choice for a very long time. 

When you are reaching for the truth and who you are.  Seek the Lord Jesus and as you do then you will know whom you are and why you are here and what to do.  

Hindering choices
What the world calls “you made a mistake” remember that decision you made based on the choices you had at the that time.  But do not allow the choices you made hinder you from the choices you will make for yourself and those around you.

Helping choices
This may seem very obvious but actually to most people it is not and needs to have some elaboration on it.  Helping choice there are many types of help and a lot of you say excuses to helping.  Excuses a lot of them stem from fears and lack but you have the power of choice to help in the ways that you blessed with that is talents.  Talents we are born with and skills are development by practicing what was learned through experiences and self-development; a lot of people refer to it as education.  Skills are honed by practicing which is your choice to do and both talents and skills gives more options.

You can be the negative person, glass is half empty or you can be positive, the glass is half full.  However there is another person that sees the glass, accepts that it is glass, and that there is liquid in it and accepts that too.

Because when you see if it is half empty your only acknowledging half of, when you see it is half full you are still acknowledging half of it.  That means you are not completely accepting it all.  Which means sometimes you see the negative and sometimes you will see the positive in it.  What happens when you start looking closer?  You will then realize it had both and question things and eventually ask the question what is wrong with you.  Helping choices, help yourself and others see things for what they are, who they are, and accept it.  

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When someone shares things about the Lord Jesus blessing you with talents, strength, health, wisdom, favor, friendship, family, friends, and money.  When He has blessed you with life and life more abundantly.  We are always blessed take out a pen and paper and start writing literally every good thing, feeling, memory, and person that you shared good memories with and this is only what you can remember.  You are not listing every blessing from your entire life and to your mom and dad to your grandparents you are a blessing to each of them.

Your relationships help more than hinders and your relationship with them helps more than hinders them too.