You have one big huge…

You have one big huge…

Did I just get your attention?  Not going to tell you what it means until later, so you just need to keep on reading to find out.  Now someone just got mad and will keep reading for that reason.  Someone else is curious from the title of this published post.  Someone is going to quit before reading this sentence others will finish this paragraph and then quit.  But for some they want the answers, all the answers that they can get.  Born to be champion but the choice to be a quitter is yours.  We all will fail and fail and fail again.  What makes you a true failure is choice, because you quit. What is terrible is when you quit on yourself and those you love.  Remember this quitting does not mean that you lost being a champion it is always who you are born to be.

This is for the group of people that made the choice to keep reading to push through and continue to do it.  Too make a choice and it leads to options it is better than having no options or merely a few options.  The more you reduce your choices the more you decrease the available options and eventually you will feel that you have none! 

Congrats!  Yes you deserve it; you want more choices, more options, and changes for you and your lifestyle.  You want better choices and a better lifestyle.  

It is time you get started as I have done by writing a blog it is a challenge, a choice, and a lifestyle.  Everything has a season and for now mine is writing this blog, that means publishing posts on it.  Thinking of new things to write about and sometimes the same things just worded differently.  Too help each person see another perspective on the same subject or idea. 

Now it is your turn and your starting now, today.  Not someday or another day or tomorrow, but today.  You have one big huge decision and it is your life!  When are you going to start living it?  You have been blessed with the power of choice and you need to do this for yourself and those you love.  Make that choice now, you heard this before that you must love yourself.  Well do you hate yourself or love yourself?  You have one big huge lifestyle change just by saying something so easy and pushing through it. 

Did you like it?  Find meaning in it? 

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Find something you like to do make that list of likes and loves and then go back in a few days.  Read through it and see what you want to do for at least two years.  What are you willing to do without getting paid to do it?  I did not say you should not get paid, I asked what are you willing to do even when you do not get paid to do it.  Just do one thing every day, you know after a month you have done thirty and that begins to be a lot.  Does not take a log of big steps just start walking. 

After that read the BE BOLD series.