Eight Awesome Suggestions for People with Shyness Part 2

Eight Awesome Suggestions for People with Shyness Part 2

Welcome back to reading Part 2 and this does include the eight awesome suggestions for people with shyness.  Grab yourself pen or pencil and some paper, because you will be working on a few lists.  Now you can do anyone of these eight in any order.  As long as you do them all, just work your way through it all and you will look back connecting the dots, realizing how it was all connected and how you have changed.  

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Do not let your plans to achieve your goals; become like a lot of
New Years Resolutions extinct and bitter memories.
Instead start with this plan to make a list of I want too say and I want to do; another words an action plan!

1.     Start with simple issues.  Think of looking at a door now turn very little and walk without changing your path.  You cannot walk through that door, but you go back to where you started at and look at the door and go straight ahead, now you can walk through the door.  Start with looking people in their eyes; keep your shoulders back, and smile.

2.     Talking about things you know the most about will help you build a confidence that will become strong.  Eventually you grow that confidence then speak on other things reaching your goals.

3.     What are you most confident to wear, wear it and do something your least confidant to do or say.  That means while wearing that outfit then do those things.  Do this at different times, because its exercise for the mind and your emotions.

4.     Determine how you want to be treated by others, does help you with confidence and with not being shy.  So write down what you need from others and when they go beyond that such as taking advantage of you or going against your belief; using profanity and you do not want to hear it.  Then set the boundaries ask them not to say such words and another way to respond is by not answering them when its suitable to your circumstances.  

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