Eight Awesome Suggestions for People with Shyness Part 3 Motives to Motivations

Eight Awesome Suggestions for
People with Shyness Part 3
Motives to Motivations


Sharing a little more information from my mentor Mitch.  However I will paraphrase what she shared with a group of us.  Men need things to repair and fix.  Ladies give men something to do sometimes not always, that would be to much work for both.  It might seem random this information, but it does like to what we need.  For men that are shy, fix it by taking action and for the ladies helping others is what they enjoy doing too.  Each of us have our motivation and it can be more than one type of motivation stirring up actions within you.  Shyness preventing you from being who you want to be along with being a man or woman; helping, fixing, and repairing issues.  

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1.     Stop over thinking things of what people will think of you for saying things, doing things, and wearing certain clothes.  When you do that it prevents you from enjoying life, having peace of mind, and living life. There is a saying you cannot please all the people all the time.  You want to please everyone then better call up those you want to please ask each person what you are allowed to wear so you can get dressed and leave the house and remember to consider the weather for that day.  Yes it is ridiculous to do that for anyone, so stop doing it with your words and actions.  Within reason of course something’s are not age appropriate or accepted by the large majority of people or might be against the law.

2.     Do just one thing several times a day, set a goal of doing, set reminders using an extra alarm on your Smartphone and name it after what you want it to refer too.  Set up other reminders on your vision board and on the refrigerator.  Some can be added around your toilet whilst sitting there you can be able to read them. 

3.     Ask someone you trust someone in the family, friend, classmate, or colleague for help.  That you want to do one of these things; talk to a strange by randomly saying hi to people as they walk by you. They say talking to strangers is always easier so take advantage of it. Another personal challenge for you to pick from is cooking something that you made and sharing it with friends.  The compliments will help build confidence and get you a step closer to leaving another comfort zone of your shyness.  Next is hugging your friend’s even guy’s hug each other so get past this dogma and shyness.  Your friends can help with these and other suggestions you think of but keep them small and build on-wards and upwards!  

4.     Remember if you are bullied that you are different not diseased or deformed.  However!  If you were that still does not mean anyone has the right to bully another person.  Being shy is still a choice and you have the power to change it.  By reading this you took a big step towards changing it and the next is just taking more steps.  Do not focus on the size of the steps or how far you have to go and just focus on taking action.  Something I like about network marketing trainings they designed to be self-development to help you become better than you were yesterday.  You can read self-help books every day, that is a form of tackling the issues, and it’s a form of taking actions. 

However if you do not take actions on what you had read; including what I have shared with you right now!  Then hearing good suggestions to the best there is for you, will not help you, not until you stop finding excuses and find reasons.  Take action and find your reasons write those lists of why’s that are for you and then for those you love.  Two different pieces of paper to write this on and no negative lists.  Stay focused on I can and I will do it. 

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