Valentine's Day is Coming A Reminder of Love

Valentine's Day is Coming!!!
A Reminder of Love

Valentine's Day is coming near and we think of love of, for, and by another. You will think of the cute things like the pink and red hearts. You will think of flowers, chocolates, wine, or champagne. You will think of dinner and a movie and slow leisurely walk along some interesting and beautiful places. Some of you will think of traveling to another city, state, or country.  

Valentines is about being reminded to share your love and it can be done as gifts that are meaningful and there not about competing with everyone or a large number of people.  

These are gifts of love that can be shared with your spouse, parents, siblings, uncle’s, aunt’s, nephew’s, niece’s or any other person you love.  Remember these are suggestions not mandatory things to do.  But it can have an impact on your life and the lives of those you love and like. 

Love is shown in many ways it is always expressed by words, actions, and speaking.  Words are written down in blogs, books, eBooks, lyrics, and film both TV and movies.  We often get to see them in action by online videos along with the previously mentioned TV and movies.

Spoken by actors, actresses from those that wrote about their love that they had experienced in their life. The actors of any profession usually draw upon those feelings to remember that moment to show the love they have for a person in film.

However some sing their love being expressed in music and lyrics that they wrote expressing or telling a story of how they love that person.  Some will express their love song or sing a song they have shared in some way or another that has meaning to them. 

Here are the gifts I had mentioned…

1.  Being their for that person, sharing time.  Time is important its not something you can save in a bank and withdraw later when needed.  You want to be with that person then you better do it.  It cannot be earned or given out. Your time is valuable so treat theirs in the same manner.

Do not put off what you can do today, until tomorrow, for what you add from today to tomorrow will use more time.  Time can be allocated to what you need to do and what you want to do.

2.  Give from yourself and of yourself to that person you love.  Can you dance, sing, write, code, or something that only you can do? Perhaps not then can you add your own self to that thing? You can make a something that everyone else can do unique. Yes of course! Do it and it as your own version that makes it special.

3.  Be heard is giving your full attention to that person and letting them know you are willing to hear whatever they have to say.  Recognizing that they are important enough to be heard. 

This is something only you can give a gift or hearing, recognition, and time.  Recognizing that they are important no matter their position, income, or any other material things. That what makes them important is who they are; so recognize them.  After a period of time they will realize that you are hearing what they say not based on status. 

As a mentor had said, you got to give time some time.