Warmth of Your love is Grace

Warmth of Your love is Grace

Being frozen in place unaware that death was upon me as You had reached out giving me life and life more abundantly. Both time and space could not stop your works instead it is amplified.

Reaching my hardened heart and softening my heart with each moment of Your agapao, grace and truth, sent with Your Son from You, saving me.  With knowing that is, understanding which is continuously softening my heart and warming my soul.  Warmth of Your love is caressing my soul with Your wondrous ways expressed throughout my life that You have given to me.  Your strength has pulled me and set me on high and that keeps lifting me higher and higher.  Your agapao love is living within me blessing me with Your strength just as you have increased my days.

Now I am resting within Your presence, standing on victory ground for all that You have done, walking with purpose that brings forth prosperity for my good.  Because You are good all the time being forever and always everlasting the same as truth, light, and almighty

What you have asked of me is so easy to do it could boggle the mind of many.  Following my heart believing Your word of do the one thing, to keep on hearing and hearing the word.  

 As I continue to welcome Your word, the embrace of grace is the way to be loved and to love.  You are the lover of my soul, You had first loved me so that I am able to love you, and You are my first valentine.

Thank You Lord Jesus for all that you have done for me and will do. 
In Jesus name amen, amen, and amen.

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