Are You Feeling Stuck at Your Level of Relationship?

Are You Feeling Stuck at Your Level of Relationship?

When your relationship with someone is not at the level you wanted.  When your relationship is not having the experiences that you needed.  When you reached a point of time to break out of this relationship or develop a stronger relationship.

This is for you!  Stop do anything else and focus on this article, because this is for you and your … that you have feelings for; feelings of like to love.  What do I mean by like to love, an example would be “I like her/him very much or a lot”.
When talking with anyone you have started a relationship and there are many levels or types, but I am not going to go into details on those types just going to mention them. You do need to know the level of relationship that you have and where you want to be. 

Business Partner
Brethren (church)

With any relationship comes a great responsibility to communicate and not make assumptions this applies to anyone.  It is not gender specific or age and some will say something like this:

You’re old enough to know better
You’re a girl don’t all girls do that?
You’re a man right and all guys do that right? 

When you find something you never had and love that about a person write it down.  When you find something you do not like about a person, remember they will find something they do not like about you.  Just as they will find something they never had and love about you. 

Meaning your not perfect and they are not perfect so move onto the next thing and hang onto those good and great moments.  Learn from the negative and positive moments in your life. 

What do you hang on too?  
Answer: The good and great moments. 
What make good moments a great memory?  
 Answer: When you share them with people you love and like.

I am not saying move onto the next person because you do not like this or that about that person.  Respecting relationships includes yourself and that does not mean doing what they want all the time or forgetting yourself in the process.  Do not keep compromising yourself to the point that you do not know who you are emotionally.  Next time you look in the mirror and you cannot be recognized by yourself and by anyone in your family and friends.  It’s time to stop isolate your self from anyone else’s influence and focus on these questions.

Am I who I want to be?
Is this where I want to be?
Am I living the dreams that I had as a child?
Am I ready to get started on what I want to be?
Are you ready to get started on what you want to do?

Points in this are to get you thinking about you and your relationships with yourself and with your family, friends, and everyone around you.  

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