PART 9 Have You read this before? The beginning of and End

PART 9 Have You read this before?
The beginning of and End

Ready to read the story again or just have not started it at all?  Well now you can start reading the story at the beginning or merely read it again. PART 1- Short story did you hear about kids?

We all ready to hear about the Junior Partner and who is being selected and what else they can do.  As we sat back listening to the Owner fill the rest of us in on the role model that the Junior Partner is and all their duties to the store, the book and the books.  Yes he just told us for the first time about “the book” which he continued to explain about it.  Something I forgot to mention is we all have our own roles in the store one of us is a curator and another is ambassador. 

Today are learning about the role of Junior Partner and who it is and this is your last chance to guess.  Got someone in mind?  Well the person that was selected is Gab!  Of course after hearing who it was we all were shouting cheers and screaming things like Yes! Gab! You got it, congratulations! 

But that is not all that happened once she signed the forms in the store in the office upstairs that, that is when things changed for us and for her.  She as asked to pick her ambassador and what country she wanted to work.  We learned that there is an interoffice, we all have heard of the interoffice memo.  That’s where the term comes from but it’s called “the interoffice”.  Yes we guessed that was the name of it and we were all correct too.  –Haha

When you use the interoffice it allows Junior Partners to travel from office to office, which each store has, their own office and they are located around the globe.  In the time it takes to walk down a hallway from one office door to another that is how long it takes to reach “another store” or “the store” or “that store” and “in store.” 

Well I think that is very cool to be able to travel like that.  Just by opening a door walking down the hall and opening another door.  After you have traveled a short distance, but outside the store it would take hours or days to reach that store.  Being able to learn things very fast and remember things so vividly.  We are all so very happy to be working here.  Would you want to work here too?

As I am sharing things with everyone and the owner enters the lobby area.  Some of us are not use to how he gets around so very fast and silently too.  The owner invites us up to the office, but we do not get it, he asks us again to come to “THE OFFICE” which is referring to headquarters!  Yes officially signing papers for the new Junior Partner to take her position.  That’s what happened when Cyrst took on her position as Junior Partner.  But wait!  I am confused and many of us were, actually all of us were. 

However, what this meant is promotion and new people will take on the roles we use to do.  Now it is time for new hires and they will handle the daily things around all stores.  But before that happens all the stores will be closed for one full day.  Training for all Juniors will be completed in a day and then it is time to prepare to get new people into all stores for we are expanding.  As the world grows so will all stores.  The store is the primary the first one but it is not the key it is merely the door to the lock for each person is the key to different roles within all stores. 

I am Lee and have been sharing what has happened with all of us, we are all friends.  As I have shared this on going story covering the history to recent past and the present.  Secrets are being revealed about my friends, along with the secrets that all stores share, and me; but the store has the most important secrets.  It is the keystone to all stores the focal point.  Have you been enjoying this short story? 

Thank you for reading this story and perhaps you enjoyed some or a lot.

Are you interested in hearing more short stories about the store?  Perhaps you are ready for another new story; well let me know in the comments below.  What you like and what and remember this is a short story taking up about twelve pages.  A lot of book are in the hundreds so it is truly a short story and had to limit the information on the characters.

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