Now in January 2015 A Nudge Happened Part 2

Now in January 2015 A Nudge Happened

As I had said last week that there is going to be more testimony to share on Monday and that is today.  Well during the month of January we met friends before church service started then again during another church service.  We attended two services at our church and this testimony is not about that, but it is part of the sharing of what had happened.  During and especially after the next church service we met more friends and a few were serving that Sunday.
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One of them felt compelled to pray for this and me that is where the nudge came from. She was reminding everyone including herself that it is not about what she is doing, praying, it is all about what Abba GOD has done.  He has sent our Lord Jesus, to help save us and much more.  After that asked me to take my right arm out of the sling and straighten my right arm.  Slowly she moved the arm to make it straight and continued to pray for the arm to be restored and then pulled the arm a little very slowly then stopping and then moving it and then pulling the arm straighter as we prayed in tongues.
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The pains from the injury were no longer noticed.  Wearing the sling caused the arm to become stiff and sometimes the elbow would ache from wearing it to long or the arm not being moved.  To realize the pains were there, that had to be brought up in my mind to be thought about.

After reaching home I laid my arm on the pillow to continue to help the arm become straight without forcing letting the weight of the arm cause it to be straight.  The next morning things had changed the arm was close to my face my hand was under my chin and I could stretch out the arm without sharp pains!

Do not be afraid to pray for others it is not about you or me.  Jesus is doing the work and none of us can do what He can do, no one can do His work.  Only our Lord Jesus our GOD can restore and bring restoration life, when we rest, He works.
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Someone might be thinking what was the nudge?  It was being reminded and active on what I believe.  Would you let a friend do that with your arm?  Would you stop wearing the sling that helps to hold your arm?  Do not look at my friend look at Jesus, think of it this way you look at your friend but you see Jesus all think of all that He has done for you.  Jesus loves you, amen.

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